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Have Fun Making Gourd Birdhouses!

Did you know there are over 50 species of birds in North America that will nest in gourds? But not just any gourd. Each bird has its own requirement for entrance hole size and gourd size. The following chart provides a list of birds and their preferred gourd size:

House or Bewick' Wren
5"e; - 6"e;
Carolina Wren
5"e; - 6"e;
1 ½"e;
7"e; - 8"e;
1 ⅛"e;
Tufted Titmouse
7"e; - 8"e;
1 ¼"e;
Downy Woodpecker
7"e; - 8"e;
1 ¼"e;
White Breasted Nuthatch
7"e; - 8"e;
1 ¼"e;
Small Owl
9"e; - 10"e;
2 ¼"e;
8"e; - 9"e;
1 ½"e;
Hairy Woodpecker
11"e; - 12"e;
1 ⅝"e;
Crested Flycatcher
8"e; - 9"e;
Purple Martin
9"e; - 10"e;
2 ½"e;
15"e; - 16"e;
2 ½"e;

In the above chart, gourd size is listed by the diameter (in inches), which is the distance straight across at the widest point of the gourd (not the circumference, which is the distance all the way around the gourd).

Do you know any other birds and their nesting requirements that we can add to this chart? Please let us know!Click hereto email us.

It is highly recommended to make your birdhouse using an organically grown gourd. Gourds grown using pesticides and chemicals can actually absorb those chemicals into the gourd wall and cause damage to birds. Welburn Gourd Farm grows all their gourds organically.

One bird especially fond of gourds is the purple martin. According to the Purple Martin Conservation Association, "e;Years of research on the breeding biology of Purple Martins conducted by the PMCA has shown that martins have higher reproductive success in gourds than in any other type of housing."e;

(If you are in an area where the European Starling is a threat to Purple Martins, you may want to look into how to make "e;Starling resistant"e; entrances for Purple Martins when building your gourd birdhouse.)

When selecting a gourd for nesting, birds are more interested in the size of the gourd than the shape. A house wren is perfectly happy in a bottle gourd as in a pear gourd, as long as the diameter of the gourd is 5 inches to 7 inches across.

So what is the easiest way to make a birdhouse gourd? Just drill a hole (a drill bit attachment to your power drill works great) for the entrance, a few small holes in the bottom for drainage, and two holes near the stem for your string or wire; shake out the dried seeds and membrane through the hole, and your done!

You can even leave some of the dried material inside for birds to use in their nest.

When drilling the entrance hole, be sure to place the hole up high enough on the gourd body so the young chicks don't fall out!

Gourds have surpassed being used simply as functional items. Today, gourds are one of the most popular mediums for artists and crafters, and the birdhouse theme is definitely a favorite in gourd art.

Now you can get a great deal on gourds especially selected for making birdhouses! The box of 'Birdhouse Gourds' gives you great shaped gourds that are the perfect size for making functional birdhouses!

"e;With the box of birdhouse [gourds], I didn't know what to expect. As I pulled them out of the box, I was delighted by the unique shapes. Each one seemed to have its own personality. I can't wait to put them out in my garden. ...I have already made gifts, and have people asking for more! ...I love the gourds you sent. Thank you!"e;
- Marcie M., Surprise, AZ

SPECIAL OFFER: Now when you purchase the Box of Birdhouse Gourds, you'll also receive the incredible book, "e;Gourd Crafts: 20 Great Projects to Dye, Paint, Carve, Bead, and Woodburn in a Weekend!"e;

Book includes a wonderful introduction with tips on how to clean and cut gourds, best tools to use for gourd crafting, how to grow your own gourds, and more!

Projects include full-color photos and easy, step-by-step instructions! Here is just a small sample of some of the great projects you'll find in the book:

Pine needle coiling, pg. 69
Bread warmer, pg. 43
Relief carved bowl, pg. 62
(Note on gourd shapes: Gourd bowls are often made using a bottle gourd because it is one of the most common shapes. Just cut the top off to make a bowl!)

Whether you want to provide homes our feathered friends, create gourd birdhouses for decoration, or try one of the many gourd projects in the book, the Box of Birdhouse Gourds gives you the perfect selection!

Box of Birdhouse Gourds

(Since no two gourds are alike, the gourds pictured above are meant
only as examples of the gourds you will receive, not the exact shapes.
Gourds arrive clean and ready to craft!)

Your Box of Birdhouse Gourds gives you:

  • 1 gourd 9"e; in diameter
  • 2 gourds 7"e; - 8"e; in diameter
  • 1 gourd 5"e; - 6"e; in diameter
  • 1 Book - "e;Gourd Crafts: 20 Great Projects to Dye, Paint, Carve, Bead, and Woodburn in a Weekend"e;

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