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The Bottle shape is so popular and well-known, it is often the first shape that comes to mind when people think of gourds!

Uses for the bottle gourd are practically endless -- birdhouses, snowmen, drums, shekeres (a percussian instrument), rattles, vases, bowls, figurines and more!

When you order gourds by the box in the Bottle gourd shape, you get an incredible selection of bottle gourds with various body heights and neck sizes (see photo below for an example of how bottle shapes can vary).

Note: When you order Gourds by the Box you save an average of 30% off Custom Order prices, however, if you do need bottle gourds with specific neck sizes or other specifications, we would be happy to take your Custom Order over the phone!

Each box option is created according to size, and almost every size is available so you can get exactly what you need! Plus, there's even a "Mixed Sizes" option if you want a little of everything!

Please select from the following size options:

To get more details on a particular box, just click the on the Link above the price of the box

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Box - Premium Clean Bottle Gourds
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Box - Premium Clean Bottle Gourds
Premium Clean Craft Ready Hard-shell Bottle Gourds
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