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Box - Premium Clean Canteen Gourds

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Group of 9 clean Craft Ready Hardshell Canteen Gourds

Premium Clean Hardshell Canteen Gourds


Canteen Gourd is one of Welburn's most popular shapes. The Canteen gourd has become increasingly more popular because it has such a beautiful, nearly perfectly symmetrical shape and a smooth shell that is extremely thick.

"I received my shipment of canteen gourds today. I love them. They are as thick and solid as advertised. I do a lot of gourd purses and these will be perfect. I will be ordering my canteens from you in the future. You have a new customer." -Pam M., Trinity, Alabama

The thick shell allows you to carve into it using a Dremel tool or Gourd drill, as shown left, without fear of putting a hole through your gourd. Pictured Left, this beautiful gourd by Carrie Dearing has the leaves carved in relief and was made with a thick-shelled Welburn Canteen gourd.

With these Gourds-by-the-Box, you get the same top-quality gourds at up to 25% off Custom Order prices, and they have already been cleaned for you!

There are four great options to choose from:

  • Box of 9 Small size Canteen Gourds 5-6" in diameter.
  • Box of 5 Medium Size Canteen Gourds 7-8 " in diameter.
  • Box of 5 Mixed Size Canteen Gourds 5-10 " in diameter.
  • Box of 3 Large size Canteens 9-10 " in diameter.

To order, use the drop down menu above!


(Note: diameter is the distance
straight across at the widest point.)

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