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The gourd Welburn Farm is famous for is now available at the low, Pre-Boxed price!

The Welburn Canteen gourd is known for its extremely thick shell and beautiful, symmetrical shape.

If you do any type of carving or Dremelâ„¢ work on gourds, you'll love working on the thick-shelled Welburn Canteen gourd!

Pictured left is a Welburn Canteen gourd with 3 carved waves and polished by Jonna Anderson.

Because of their extremely thick shells, Welburn Canteen gourds are very popular for utilitarian items such as bowls, and even purses!

This beautiful canteen gourd purse was made by artist, Jerry Lewis. As seen in the photo, the Canteen gourd even stands up to hinges and nails!

Due to its almost perfectly symmetrical shape, the Welburn canteen gourd is prized among fine artists.

Pictured right, this beautiful Canteen gourd by Bill Colligen has a shape so perfect, it could be mistaken for a piece of pottery!

Now you can get this coveted gourd at bargain prices with the great selection of Pre-Boxed Canteens!

Select the size range below that best suits your needs, or choose the "Mixed Sizes" box for a few of each size!

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Group of 9 clean Craft Ready Hardshell Canteen Gourds
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Box - Premium Clean Canteen Gourds
Premium Clean Craft Ready Hardshell Canteen Gourds
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