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“For years I've used Welburn gourds for my art projects. They are thick, beautifully symmetrical and have wonderful markings. Welburn gourds are the Cadillacs of the gourd world. I've never been disappointed in my Welburn gourds.” -Darlene (California),

If you are new to Custom Orders, please start with "What You Need to Know About Custom Orders" page. Click here!

To place a custom order, please select the following list of available shapes! (Pricing and Ordering instructions are given at the bottom of this page.)

Canteen Gourds


Bottle Gourds


Apple Gourds


Kettle Gourds


Pear Gourds



Ipu Heke Gourds


For pricing and availability of ipu heke bottoms or ipu heke sets, please call our office at:
Toll Free 1(877)-420-2613, Mon-Fri, 9:00am- 3:30pm PST

Pricing - To see the price list Please Click Here.

Ordering - There is a $150 minimum order for Custom Orders.

To make sure you get the exact gourds you are looking for, all Custom Orders are placed by calling our office and speaking personally with with our staff!

Call now! We are standing by to take your order! (Unless, of course, it is after office hours, in which case we are all home with our families, but other than that...).

Call Toll-Free 1-877-420-2613, or 760-728-4271. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.

What to Know About
Custom Orders

When placing a Custom Order, there are some important "insider secrets" to know for getting the best gourds for your needs!

Did you know only 10% of each gourd crop are gourds that are thick-shelled, symmetrical, have flat bottoms (sit up), and have stems?

One of the reasons there is so much labor involved in filling a Custom Order is because we must search through hundreds of gourds to find the ones that measure up to our own high standards of quality control AND meet the customer's specific criteria!

Here are some simple ways to ensure you get the gourds that will work best for you:

(1) High quality gourds in specific shapes and sizes are more abundant in March and April, just after harvest time, but by September, orders get harder and harder to fill.

One of the ways to make sure you get the gourds you need is to order as soon as the new crop is harvested, or better yet, pre-order your gourds! To receive a notice when the new crop is in, join our mailing list! Click here!

(2) Is quality your most important criteria? If so, be flexible on either the shape or size, or even both, and you'll get the best gourds in stock!

For example, if you need symmetrical gourds with flat bottoms for making 8-inch to 9-inch diameter bowls (no lid), you would specify size (along with your other criteria) but you would tell the Order department that shape is not important.

If you need Tall-Body gourds for making vases, and you know you would rather have a symmetrical gourd that does not stand, than a non-symmetrical with a flat-bottom, tell the Order department symmetry is more important than having gourds that stand. (A simple stand, like the one shown on the right, can be used for gourds that do not stand).

(3) The less requirements you have, the more likely we can find high quality gourds to meet your criteria.

For example, ask for 8-inch to 9-inch gourds rather than "only 9-inch gourds."

If you order 12-inch Pear gourds and require that they are all perfectly symmetrical with flat bottoms, completely flawless shells, and stems, there is a high chance we will not be able to fill your order.

We wish there was a way to grow gourds to these exact specifications to meet such specific requirements, however, gourds are a product of nature, not a manufactured item, and they tend to grow however they want!

(4) Not all shapes grow in every size, and some shapes are higher quality in a particular size range.

For example, the Pear shape is very high quality in the mini and smaller sizes, and tends to grow "lumpy" or uneven when it gets larger than 9 or 10 inches in diameter.

The Canteen shape is one of the few shapes, perhaps the ONLY shape that grows nearly perfect in all of its sizes! However, it rarely grows smaller than 4 inches in diameter, so any order of Canteens under 5 inches may be hard to fill.

Be sure to tell the Customer Service representative what you are making with your gourds. They may be able to suggest a substitute shape that will work if what you are asking for is not available.

(5) The Shapes shown on the Custom Order page are meant as a guideline for the general categories available. If you are looking for a VERY specific shape, be sure to tell the Order department.

What works best is a simple drawing, either faxed or mailed, along with a description of what you are making.

For example, "I need any size bottle gourds that have a medium-size neck and a round top like the one in this picture, because I am making Snowmen with hats."

Before placing a Custom Order, be sure to check out the amazing selection of Gourds by the Box! You'll save an average of 30% off Custom Order Prices!


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