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Training Videos

Below is every Facebook Live video by Welburn Gourd Farm's own Kelsey and Christy! These videos were live streamed on our official Facebook page, and you can join the fun by tuning in every Friday.

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Different Ways to Use White Transparent Acrylics and Ink Dyes
See all the amazing ways you can use the White Ink Dye and Pure White Transparent Acrylics! Original air date: 3/10/17.


The Difference Between Ink Dyes and Transparent Acrylics
It's one of the most common questions we get: what is the difference between Ink Dyes and Transparent Acrylics? In this episode, Kelsey and Christy discuss the differences between these two very popular products. Original air date: 3/3/17.


How to Fix Carved Areas on Your Gourd That May Appear Too Dark
See how to disguise dark markings on your carved gourd! Plus, a preview of upcoming classes at the farm! Original air date: 2/24/17.


Leather Tooling Variety Stick 'n Burn
In this video, Kelsey and Christy show off the new Leather Tooling Stick 'n Burn Variety Pack! They talk about where the inspiration for the designs come from and give tips on how to make the design yours. Watch as Christy demonstrates these techniques on an example gourd piece. Original air date: 1/13/17.


Fun Ways to Use Wood Burning Pens to
Create Great Looking Gourd Art
In this video, Christy demonstrates how to use 4 different wood burning pens to get incredible results when wood burning on gourds. Check out the new Cool-Touch Pens and try them for yourself! Original air date: 12/2/16.


How to Wood Burn Basket Weave Patterns on Your Gourds
In this fun video, you'll see how to create a realistic basket weave pattern on a gourd using Stick 'n Burn and a variable heat wood burner. This is a very popular technique that's easy and looks great! Be sure to check out the Leather Tooling and Basketweave Stick 'n Burn pack to try this technique! Original air date: 11/23/16.


Fun Holiday Gourds
In this video, the girls are back with a look at fun holiday gourds! Learn how to add the look of real frosting to a gingerbread man gourd using Transparent Pigment Powders, Metal Leaf Adhesive, Palette Knives and more! Original air date: 11/17/16.


Canteen Gourd Oil Lamp Ideas
In this video, Kelsey and Christy talk about different ways to decorate canteen gourd oil lamps that are sure to light up your holidays. Don't forget your oil lamp insert! Original air date: 11/11/16.


How to Create Fun Holiday Gourd Ornaments
Watch as Kelsey and Christy show you some fun ideas for using a variety of gourds to create fun holiday ornaments! (Please note: Gourd Ornaments will become available again later this year.) Original air date: 11/4/16.


See How to Use African Wildlife Stick 'n Burn
Watch Kelsey and Christy as they show you some interesting techniques you can try with our African Wildlife Stick 'n Burn Pack! Original air date: 10/21/16.


How to Create Beautiful Fall Leaves
Using GourdMaster™ Transparent Acrylics
Watch as Christy and Kelsey show you how to create beautiful fall leaves on a gourd! See the full materials list for this project here. Original air date: 10/14/16.


How to Create an Antique Copper Gourd Pot
Watch as Kelsey and Christy show you how to turn "distressed" gourds into antique copper gourd pots that are easy to make and look great too! Be sure to check out the full line of beautiful and vibrant Pigment Powders! Original air date: 10/7/16.


How to Create Your Own Gourd Cut-Outs
In this video, Christy will show you how to make cute gourd decorations out of gourd pieces so that you can enhance your gourd art projects with 3-D adornments using the popular Fili-Point Burr. The Fili-Point can fit into your GourdMaster™ Pro Carver or any rotary tool! Original air date: 9/24/16.


Different Ways to Apply Your Transparent Acrylics
Watch this video to learn different mixing and application techniques you can do with the new Transparent Acrylic colors. (Please note: The colors 'New Colors 10-Pack' are no longer sold as a set; they are available individually.) Original air date: 9/16/16.


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