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Gourd Master Pigment Powder Set

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Item Number : SG102-VP
Set of 20 pigment powders

GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders

Create beautiful designs on your gourds using GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders! Watch the 2 videos below to learn how!

naGourdMaster™ Pigment Powders are unlike any pigment powders you've ever worked with! Unlike other pigment powders, these high-quality powders have no added fillers or dyes.

naNot only do lower quality powders perform more poorly (flaking or scratching off, colors changing, etc.), they often have added dyes, which means clean-up can be difficult. Wiping them up only results in dye being smearing around, staining countertops and floors (see photo at right, showing wiping up a dye-based powder).

GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders are non-toxic and made with only the finest ingredients with no added fillers or dyes so not only are they durable and long-lasting, clean-up is a breeze and hands clean easily with soap and water. Plus, they are designed to work with the entire line of GourdMaster™ products, including Ink Dyes, Gourd Varnish, Protecting Wax, and more!

naGourdMaster™ Pigment Powders are extremely versatile and designed to be worked with wet or dry. Watch the video tutorials above to learn more!

Pictured left, Spring Green, Aztec Gold, and Red Russet Pigment Powders applied to a gourd bowl.

Pigment Powders are extremely popular because they can be mixed and matched with so many other GourdMaster Products. Sprinkle Powders into the GourdMaster Protecting Wax for an accent finish with a hint of sparkle and color (or a lot of sparkle and color -- depending on how much Powder you add!).  About 1/8 tsp. of Wax to a few sprinkles of powder.

Use in conjunction with Gourd Master Dye Ink to intensify and add sparkle to your color! About 1/8 tsp Powder to 6 drops Ink Dye.

The color combinations you can achieve using GourdMaster Pigment Powders are practically endless!

Red Russet, Antique Bronze, Reflex Violet, Antique Gold, Misty Violet
Spring Green, Pumpkin Orange, Antique Copper, Turquiose, Blue Russet
Super Bronze, Frosty White, Carbon Black, Aztec Gold, Supper Copper
Antique Silver, True Blue, Sunset Glod, Yellow Gold, Silver

You'll enjoy the expansive palette of 20 colors! Select from the drop down menu above!

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