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Half-Size Respirator and Filters

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Get the Ultimate Protection When Carving AND Woodburning with Your
"Half-Size" Respirator and "Deluxe Woodburning" Filters!
Limited Quantities Available! Order Your Set of Filters Today!

"Wow…I can't begin to tell you how much easier it is to breathe with this mask compared to other ones. I can work for longer periods of time and
it is so comfortable, sometimes I forget I have it on! I love this mask and won't trade it for another!" - Barbara Wilson


Watch the Video Below to See Why the "Half-Size" Respirator
is the Best Mask to Wear When Working on Gourds!

In the video above, you'll see why the Half-Size Respirator is one of the safest masks to wear when
working on gourds, and how to easily change out your "Particle" and "Deluxe Woodburning" Filters!


Deluxe Woodburning Filters! Protect your lungs when you are cleaning, carving, and woodburning on your gourds with the Half-Size Respirator! Built for comfort and efficiency, the Half-Size Respirator is the safest mask to wear when working on gourds. The respirator comes with Particle Filters already included, but now you can get the "Deluxe Woodburning" Filters to protect your lungs from gourd dust and smoke!

Half-Size Respirators include one set of Particle Filters already installed in your mask. The Particle Filters are designed to block particles in the air like gourd dust when you are carving and cleaning the inside of your gourd. It is always recommended that you wear a mask when doing these activities, especially if your lungs are sensitive.

Now you can get extra comfort and safety while woodburning with the "Deluxe Woodburning Filters"! Don't let the name fool you. Not only do these filters protect from dust particles, they are called "Deluxe Woodburning" Filters because they also protect your lungs from smoke produced while woodburning. These unique filters are not included, but can be purchased separately and easily attach to your Half-Size Respirator!

Pictured left, the New "Deluxe Woodburning" Filters. These filters are made with carbon that purify the air from smoke before it enters your lungs.
They are designed to attach to your Half-Size Respirator (above, right).  Order your set of "Deluxe Woodburning Filters" today!  Limited quantities available!

Deluxe Woodburning Filters!

The outside of the "Deluxe Woodburning Filters" are the same as Particle Filters. But if you look at the inside, you will notice it is black, (shown right). The black filter is made of carbon, which absorbs smoke, mold spores, and other particles as the air enters your mask, giving you clean air to breathe while you are woodburning on your gourd. It's like having a Woodburning Buddy attached to your face!

Please Note: A Woodburning Buddy is still advised to use when you are Woodburning in an enclosed area to purify the air in the room. The filter for the respirator is designed to purify the air in the direct path of the artist.

The Half-Size Respirator is so called, because they are almost half the bulk of most regular respirators (shown below)! The sleek "Half Size" Respirator is designed to fit the contours of your face, giving you a form fitting mask with extra comfort! It's small filter design allows you to have a wide field of vision and added protection while working on your gourd.



Pictured below, See how much smaller the size of the
Half Size Respirator (left) is compared to other respirators (right)!

Half Size Respirator!
Pictured above left, the NEW Half-Size Respirator. Pictured above right, the 3M Air Filter Purifying Respirator.
As you can see, the NEW Half-Size Respirator filters have a much smaller design, giving you a wider field of vision!

Not only does its conveniently small size give you a larger range of vision, the Half-Size Respirator was designed to allow more oxygen flow, making it a safer choice than other respirators! You'll breathe easier having this mask on when you are working with gourds, literally! The Half-Size Respirator is made from a soft thermo-plastic material that is hypoallergenic (latex, silicone and odor free). These respirators are available in two sizes, Small/Medium (recommended for women) and Medium/Large (recommended for men).

Half Size Respirator!
2 adjustable straps with no-slip grip.

The Half-Size Respirator comes with 2 elastic, adjustable straps. The top strap has a no-slip grip on it so it stays in place on your head. This makes it easier to keep focused on your work instead of wasting time, constantly having to readjust your respirator.

*Please note that Free Safety Glasses no longer come with the Half Size Respirators



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