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Hawaiian Ipus
By far our most requested gourds are the bottle gourds used in making the Hawaiian Ipu drum for hula. The drum is made from a bottle gourd, usually 7-inch to 9-inch in diameter, with a neck small enough for the dancer's hand.

A young performer dances with her Ipu drum.

The Welburn Gourd Farm specializes in growing the specific shape and quality of gourds used to make the Ipu drum. Each year we plant over half of our available farm land in "e;Ipu"e; gourds.

These gourds are in such demand, customers must place their orders months in advance to insure that they get the gourds they need.

The Ipu Heke Drum (double drum)

Ipu Heke drum

The Ipu Heke drum, or double drum, is also a traditional hula instrument. It is made by cutting two gourds and fitting them together in a precise manner.

The bottom of the drum requires a special shape of gourd. It must be tall and symmetrical with a flat bottom, and only a few thousand of these are produced each year. We sell this shape as an "e;Ipu Heke bottom"e; and price them separately from our regular gourds.

To place an order for gourds to make Ipu or Ipu Heke drums, please call our office atToll Free 1(877)-420-2613, Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, PST.

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