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Welburn Gourd Farm is the largest supplier of quality, organic hard-shell gourds in the USA, producing over 375,000 gourds each year. We specialize in canteen and bottle (Hawaiian Ipu) varieties.

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gourd art by Pamala Redhawk
Gourd art by Pamala Redhawk

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Doug Welburn Examines Gourds from the Latest Gourd Harvest
Pictured above, Doug Welburn inspects
a gourd order awaiting shipment.
(See the Doug Welburn Memorial Page.)

Upcoming Gourd Art Classes at Welburn Gourd Farm

"Giraffe Vase with
Stipple Carving"

with Christy Barajas

Beginner to Intermediate
March 18th, 2017
10:00am - 2:00pm

Click here for details
Gourd art by Gloria Crane
"Southwest Horse Gourd Pot"
with Christy Barajas

Beginner to Intermediate
April 8th, 2017
10:00am - 2:00pm 
Click here for details

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The Double Blowout Box and Get FREE Shipping*!

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Blowout Box
Gourd Pots
Pictured Above: A Single Blowout Box:
7 Gourds Total ( 5 to 9 inches in diameter)

Regularly $138.91, Just $79.95!
Pictured Above: Double Blowout Box:
14 Gourds Total ( 5 to 9 inches in diameter)

Regularly $277.82, Just $129.95! (That's 53% Off!)

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Gourd art by Christy BarajasThese gourds were not quite good enough to qualify as our premium quality, craft-ready gourds, so we decided to offer them at a HUGE discount as a "Blowout Box" of pre-cut and cleaned gourds!

Pictured right, gourd art with red flowers by Christy Barajas; this piece was made using a bargain quality gourd like those in the Blowout Box.

And the best part is, there's no cleaning needed! The pre-cut gourds have been cleaned both inside and out! Even the Mini Gourds are cleaned on the outside, so you can get right to the fun of creating your gourd art!


Here's what people have to say about our bargain quality gourds:

"Just a note that I received my boxes of bargain gourds. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with them! If these are the bargain gourds I can't wait to order the 'perfect' gourds!" -Lane Alexander

“I received my half-price [Bargain] boxes today and was totally in awe...Who in their right mind WOULDN’T purchase these gourds at such an unbelievable value!” - Barbara K. Lohman, MO

Unlike Premium Quality gourds, Standard Quality gourds often have shell blemishes, like on the gourd pictured left. The "Blowout Box" gourd pots are considered "Standard Quality," but you can still use them to make stunning pieces of art, like the ginkgo gourd pot pictured on the right, by Christy Barajas!

Note: Gourds are cut straight across or at a slight angle:
Blowout Box
Pictured Above: A Single Blowout Box:
7 Gourds Total (5 to 9 inches in diameter)

- 3 Gourd Pots, 9 inch diameter
- 2 Gourd Pots, 7-8 inch diameter
- 2 Gourd Pots, 5-6 inch diameter
Regularly $138.91, Just $79.95!

Blowout Boxes
Pictured Above: Double Blowout Box (2 Blowout Boxes):
14 Gourds Total (5 to 9 inches in diameter)

- 6 Gourd Pots, 9 inch diameter
- 4 Gourd Pots, 7-8 inch diameter
- 4 Gourd Pots, 5-6 inch diameter
Regularly $277.82, Just $129.95! (That's 53% Off!)
Plus FREE shipping!*

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Look at What You Can Create With Gourd Pots!

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas. The horse designs are from the Southwest Animal Motifs Stick 'n Burn Pack. Click here if you would like to sign up to take this class at the farm!

Gourd art by Claudia Herber
Gourd art by Diane Springer

Gourd art by Claudia Herber. Designs are from the Wildflowers Stick 'n Burn pack.

Gourd art by Diane Springer. Designs are from the Southwest Wildlife Stick 'n Burn pack.

Pictured above, gourd art by Dianne Connelly (left, right) and Christy Barajas (center) with designs featured in the Stick 'n Burn Multiples: Variety Pack! These art pieces were done using standard quality gourd pots found in the Blowout Box!

There is an extremely limited supply of these gourds at this
fabulous discount, so be sure to order your boxes today!
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*Free shipping is for Double Blowout Boxes only; additional items subject to shipping charges. Free shipping applies to the lower 48 US States only. Free shipping is not applicable to Hawaii, Alaska, or international orders.

Standard Quality Gourd Bowls Are Selling Fast!
Starting at Just $9.95!

Pictured above, Craft-Ready Gourd Bowls come in Regular or Tall sizes!
The bowl is considered "tall" if its height is at least 80% the size of its width

Available in 6 different sizes: 
Small Regular or Small Tall (4-5 inch diameter) Just $9.95 - $10.95!
Medium Regular or Medium Tall (6 -7 inch diameter) Just $12.95 - $14.95!
Large Regular or Large Tall (8-9 inch diameter)
Just $16.95 - $18.95!

Limited Quantities Available! Order These Extremely
Popular Bowls Today
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Pictured above, carved gourd bowl by Daniel Montano using Pigment Powders.

Our Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready gourds are extremely popular! All the hard work of cutting and cleaning has been done for you so you can get right to the fun of creating your art piece!

These beautiful bowl range from 4-9 inches in diameter and come cleaned both inside and out. They are available in 2 great height options, "Regular" and "Tall." (The bowl is considered "tall" if its height is at least 80% the size of its width, see the photo above.)

Gourd Bowls make perfect gifts and can be used as candy dishes, votive holders, or a decorative bowl to hold potpourri or flowers!

Pictured left, gourd art by Christy Barajas. The art piece was created using a Small Regular Gourd Bowl. It incorporates images from the Multiples: Roses, Pansies and Sunflowers Stick 'n Burn Pack.

The roses were colored with Apple Red Ink Dye and White Ink Dye mixed together to create the soft, pink color. You can make any color a pastel just by mixing it with White!

The bottom of the bowl was colored with Sky Blue Ink Dye mixed with Aquamarine Transparent Acrylic and White Ink Dye. The colors were applied with a paint brush and wiped with a tissue to give it a distressed look. Making this a beautiful, shabby chic work of art!

Take a look at the gourd bowls below for more great ideas and inspiration!

Gourd art by Heather Kinkade
Above: Gourd art by Mary Geary
Above: Gourd art by Heather Kinkade

Art by Christy Barajas
Art by Dianne Connely
Above: Gourd bowl by Christy Barajas. She used a design from the "Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave" Stick n Burn pack. The bottom was colored with Ink Dye in Medium Brown.
Above: Gourd art by Dianne Connelley. She used a variety of Transparent Acrylics.
Art by Christy Barajas
Above: Gourd art by Christy Barajas. The rose is from the "Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave" Stick n Burn pack. Filigree done with the Fili-Point Burr.
Above: Gourd art by Kelsey Nelson. The plumeria flowers are from the "Tropical Designs" Stick n Burn pack and cut into the rim with the Fili-Pint Burr.

Limited Quantities Available! Order These Extremely
Popular Bowls Today
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Get 50% Off All Gourds* in the Racks at
the Farm February 16th- March 4th!

If you come to the farm in person you can save 50% on all gourds* February 16th through March 4th. For directions to the farm, click here.

Gourd racks
Pictured above, gourd racks at the farm!

Farm Open to the Public:
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed: Sundays

Get directions to the farm here!

*50% off is on gourds in the racks only and excludes pre-boxed gourds, custom order gourds, and kits sold at the farm. Not valid with any other offers or coupons. Sale ends March 4th, 2017.

New Bonus Video!

Watch the video below to see the new Leather Tooling Variety Stick 'n Burn, and how you can arrange the designs to make your own unique work of art!

The above video was previously aired live on Facebook;
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New Leather Tooling Stick 'n Burn Pack!
Limited Quantities Available, So Get Your Pack Today!

This Stick 'n Burn pack gives you 3 duplicated sheetes for a total of 6 pages for just $9.95!

In the NEW Leather Tooling Variety Stick 'n Burn Pack, there are many elegant designs to choose from to enhance your gourd art! The designs include acorns, leaves, grape vines, Sheridan flowers, and elegant border motifs. With such a variety, the possibilities of beautiful, Leather-Tooled inspired art are endless!

Leather tooling is a very popular style that also looks great with the natural color of gourds! Try shading the designs with a shading pen, like the Cool-Touch Spoon Shader. Shading gives a beautiful, rustic flair often found in the Leather Tooling style!

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas. Various border and flower designs were placed to form a beautiful composition. The elegant borders come from the NEW Leather Tooling Variety Stick 'n Burn Pack. The Sheridan flowers are from the Classic Leather Tooling and Basket Weave. The designs were shaded with a Cool-Touch Spoon Shader. The outer gourd shell was painted with Mocha Transparent Acrylic.

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas. The deer is from the Lakeside Cabin Stick 'n Burn Pack and the acorns are from the NEW Leather Tooling Variety Stick 'n Burn Pack. Shading was done around the design outlines to give more depth!

Supplies Limited! Order Your
Leather Tooling Variety Pack Today For Just $9.95!

New "Cool Touch" Woodburning Pens Now Available!

Cool-Touch Pens come with an extra flexible lightweight cord and comfortable foam grip!

The NEW 'Cool-Touch' pens that come with your Classic and Deluxe Nibsburner units have a cool-touch pen body, which means they don't get hot like other pens do. The New Cool-Touch Woodburning Pens are made with a special material that is smooth and comfortable to hold.

Another feature that makes this pen really easy and comfortable to use is the lightweight, ultra-flexible cord. If you've ever used a pen with a thick cord or a heavy cord, you know how uncomfortable it is to hold, and it actually tires your hand and wrist and makes woodburning a lot less enjoyable because you're fighting with your cord the whole time.

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas using only
the new "Cool-Touch" Woodburning Pens!

The cords on the NEW 'Cool-Touch' Pens, however, are so flexible and lightweight, it makes them very comfortable to use for extended periods of time because they don't pull on your wrist as you move the pen. These pens enhance your woodburning experience because you can woodburn for hours and still be more comfortable than if you were using a different pen.

These pens also come with a really soft foam guard, which is thicker and softer than other Foam-Guards on the market. It's also great if you have arthritis because the size of it makes it more comfortable and easier to hold than skinnier foam grips.

Both the Standard (comes with First Step) and Cool-Touch pens are made with extra strong tips, so they're really durable and they won't bend or break as easily as a pen made with thinner material. These pens are compatible with all 3 units, the First Step, the Classic, and Deluxe Dual-Port. (The First Step comes with the Standard Pen, but you can always purchase the Cool-Touch Pen separately if you want. The Classic and Deluxe Dual-Port come with Cool-Touch Pens.

All of the pens are fixed body, fixed tip pens, which means the tips don't come off and the cords don't detach; the reason for that is, fixed-cord, fixed-tip pens are much more reliable and you're not going to have the problems with heat loss that you can have with pens that have detachable cords and tips; when you are woodburning you really want to have a steady, consistent heat, and the best way to get that is with a pen that has the fewest number of connections possible.

Pictured above, adapters are now available so a Cool-Touch pen can be used with your Bolt Woodburning unit!
(Can also be used with BurnMaster, Everglade and DetailMaster Woodburning Units)

See All the Available Cool-Touch Pens Below!

All Pens come with a 1-Year Unconditional Warranty,
which means if you break it or bend it, simply send it back and we'll repair it for FREE!

Pictured above: 2 Shading Pens; a Writing (left) and a Spoon Shader (right).

Pictured above: 2 Bladestyle Pens; a Knife (left) and an Arrowhead (right), more pens coming soon!

Create Beautiful Filigree and Fancy Cuts Using the GourdMaster™ Fili-Point Burr!
Reg. $13.49, Just $11.95!

No Coupon Required, the Price has Already Been Reduced!

NEW Fili-Point Burr"The [Fili-Point] burr is awesome! The cutting action is powerful and so smooth, like cutting through butter, so it leaves a clean edge - this means less sanding for me (always a good thing!).  From tiny filigree holes to larger cut-outs, this burr easily does it all!"

"I love that I can just plunge it right into the gourd and it doesn't grab. Because of it's size it fits into tiny corners, so I can cut really intricate shapes."  

- Mary Gehley
(the lovely art piece with red flower, shown in the video below was made by Mary Gehley!)

Show Now

Watch the Videos Below to See Special
Tips and Tricks On How to Use and Clean Your Fili-Point Burr!

Watch now!
Watch now!

Click on the videos above to see the Fili-Point Burr in Action!


We named this burr the"Fili-Point" burr because it is designed specifically for creating micro-filigree and large filigree. It is also strong enough to cut through Welburn's famous thick shelled gourds, so you can make intricate cuts, and your own gourd cut-outs!

The Fili-Point burr has a grit coarse enough to cut through thick shells with ease, yet fine enough to leave a nice, smooth finish on the cut line!

The Fili-Point burr is the most popular burr sold by Welburn Gourd Farm. Click on the button below to get your Fili-Point Burr today!

Pictured left, gourd art by Christy Barajas featuring smooth filigree done using the Fili-Point Burr.

Get Your Fili-Point Burr Today!
Reg. $13.49, Just $11.95!
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Gourd Art Classes

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This book is the best place to start if you're new to the "gourd world." It's filled with practical information that will make the process of getting started with gourds effortless.

Simply click the link below to download and read this e-book now!

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Published by: Welburn Gourd Farm, Inc.

*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this e-book on your computer. If you are unable to view the e-book, click here to install Acrobat Reader.)

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