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Welburn Gourd Farm is the largest supplier of quality, organic hard-shell gourds in the USA, producing over 375,000 gourds each year. We specialize in canteen and bottle (Hawaiian Ipu) varieties.

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gourd art by Pamala Redhawk
Gourd art by Pamala Redhawk

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Doug Welburn Examines Gourds from the Latest Gourd Harvest
Pictured above, Doug Welburn inspects
a gourd order awaiting shipment.
(See the Doug Welburn Memorial Page.)

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NEW Half-Size Respirators,
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Pictured above, the NEW "Half Size" Respirator!

Built for comfort and efficiency, these respirators are almost half the bulk of most regular respirators!

The sleek "Half Size" Respirator is designed to fit the contours of your face, giving you a form fitting mask with extra comfort! It's small filter design allows you to have a wide field of vision and added protection while working on your gourd.

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Pictured below, See how much smaller the size of the NEW Half Size Respirator (left) is compared to other respirators (right)!

Pictured above left, the NEW Half-Size Respirator. Pictured above right, the 3M Air Filter Purifying Respirator.
As you can see, the NEW Half-Size Respirator filters have a much smaller design, giving you a wider field of vision!

"Wow…I can't begin to tell you how much easier it is to breathe with this mask compared to other ones. I can work for longer periods of time and it is so comfortable, sometimes I forget I have it on! I love this mask and won't trade it for another!" - Barbara Wilson

Not only does its conveniently small size give you a larger range of vision, the Half-Size Respirator was designed to allow more oxygen flow, making it a safer choice than other respirators! You'll breathe easier having this mask on when you are working with gourds, literally!

The Half-Size Respirator is made from a soft thermo-plastic material that is hyper allergenic (latex, silicone and odor free). These respirators are available in two sizes, Small/Medium (recommended for women) and Medium/Large (recommended for men).

2 adjustable straps with no-slip grip.

These masks come with 2 elastic, adjustable straps. The top strap has a no-slip grip on it so it stays in place. This makes it easier to keep focused on your work instead of wasting time, constantly having to readjust your respirator.

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Replacement Filters Available!

Pictured above, a set of Replacement Filters, Just $12.95!

Half-Size Respirators come with one set of filters already installed in your mask.For your convenience, you can purchase an extra pair of the Replacement Filters for just $12.95.

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NEW Protective Eyewear! Available in 2 Options!
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The NEW protective eyewear is just what you need to protect your eyes while carving, and cleaning gourds! Available in 2 options, they are comfortable and sure to fit any budget!

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Utility Eyewear, just $19.95!

The "Utility Eyewear" has frames that are vented and padded for a close and comfortable fit. Each lens is equipped with an interior anti-fog coating and an exterior anti-scratch coating. The "Utility Eyewear" also comes with an elastic cloth strap (pictured left), which allows you to remove the temple pieces and mount the strap to wear them like goggles!

Protective Eyewear is also available in Safety Glasses, pictured above! The Safety Glasses are a valuable pair when doing light carving on gourds. Get them for FREE when you purchase the comfortable and sleek Half-Size Respirator, pictured below!

Safety Glasses, just $5.95!

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Introducing the NEW Large Animal Portrait Stick 'n Burn Pack! Get All 12 Pages for Just $14.95!
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Pictured above, New Stick 'n Burn Pack: "Large Animal Portraits."
Pack comes with 2 sheets of each image, 8 pages total. Plus 4 pages of shaded reference drawings to use as a guide when creating your beautiful work of art! Get all 12 pages for just $14.95!

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Pictured above, a beautiful 9 inch gourd pot by Christy Barajas. The large horse is from the NEW Large Animal Portrait Stick 'n Burn pack!

Because of the horse's large size, Christy was able to get very detailed with her shading and woodburning. The shaded reference picture that is included in the NEW stick 'n burn pack made it easy to create the realistic features on this gorgeous woodburned portrait!

The NEW Large Animal Portrait Stick 'n Burn pack features large portraits of various animals, as well as detailed drawings of each animal to reference when you are creating your beautiful work of art! The references pages are an added bonus to help you when you are woodburning and shading the fur!

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Pictured below are examples of artwork from various
artists featuring their own large animal portraits!

Note: The animal designs below were made by the artists and are not a part of the new Stick 'n Burn pack; the photos are meant as an example to show the types of art that can be created using large animal portraits.

Gourd art by Pamala Redhawk
Gourd art by Carrie Lynn Dearing
Gourd art by Reetsie Fuller

Pictured above, New Stick 'n Burn Pack: "Large Animal Portraits."
Pack comes with 2 sheets of each image, 8 pages total. Plus 4 pages of shaded reference drawings to use as a guide when creating your beautiful work of art! Get all 12 pages for just $14.95!

This NEW Stick 'n Burn Pack Comes with
4 Bonus Reference Drawings to Show Shading!
Even if you are a beginner, these shaded reference drawings included in the pack
will help you to create lifelike animal portraits!

Pack comes with 2 sheets of each image, 8 pages total. Plus 4 pages of shaded reference drawings shown above, to use as a guide when creating your beautiful work of art!
Get all 12 pages for just $14.95!
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Stick 'n Burn Competition Winners

Shown above, the "Lakeside Cabin" Stick 'n Burn pack

Contestants were asked to create a gourd art piece using the "Lakeside Cabin" Stick 'n Burn pack. Thank you to everybody who entered! It was hard to pick from all the amazing entries we received. Here are the competition winners!

1st Place Winner - $100 Gift Certificate
Gourd art by Debbie Birdsong

2nd Place Winner -
$50 Gift Certificate
3rd Place Winner -
$50 Gift Certificate
Gourd art by Janice Kiehl
Gourd art by Marlene York

Honorable Mentions:

Gourd art by Lynn Lake
Gourd art by Susan Poeppel

Gourd art by Kristie Campbell
Gourd art by Jeanniel Pinel
Gourd art by Cheri Lehe

Gourd art by Pam Rocco
Gourd art by Paula Thomas
Gourd art by Betty Rego

Save an Average of 50% On Tall Body Gourds When You Purchase the "Standard Quality" Option!
Box Options Start at: Just $29.22!*

These would normally cost $43.63 for Premium Quality gourds and $58.54 for Custom Order gourds! You're saving an average of 50%!

Tall Body gourds
Pictured above, 5 Standard Quality "Tall Body" gourds.
Limited Quantities Available! Click Below to Get Your Box Today!
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With these Pre-Selected boxes of gourds, you get the quality gourds at up to 50% off Custom Order prices, and they have already been cleaned for you!

"Standard Quality" Tall Body Gourds are one of our most popular boxes of Pre-Selected gourds! They are extremely popular because their tall shape provides a large canvas to create beautiful gourd art! Take a look at the stunning works of art below that were created from "Tall Body" gourds!

Gourd art by Christy Barajas
Gourd art by Gloria Crane
Gourd art by Dianne Connelly

Our "Standard Quality" gourds are 50% LESS than Custom Order gourds (which have a high minimum price requirement), and are an average of 30% LESS than "Premium" Quality gourds!

Tall Body gourds
Pictured above: Premium Quality (left) vs Standard Quality (right)

Unlike “Premium Quality” Gourds, which are top quality gourds with thick, high-quality shells, “Standard Quality” gourds are high quality gourds, but cannot qualify as Premium Quality gourds because they may have one or more flaws such as minor cracks, scarring or other shell blemishes. Such shell blemishes can be easily carved out or masked with Wood Texture and Filler.

Some Standard Gourds even have perfect, damage-free shells with their only flaw being a lopsided or asymmetrical shape, but when you put them on a gourd stand they can look just as good as the higher-priced Premium Gourds!

The "Standard Quality" box of gourds is your chance to get beautiful, thick-shelled gourds at an incredible discount!  With a little creativity and some artistic inspiration, no one will ever know the difference between a Standard Quality and Premium Quality gourd! Except your wallet of course!

Here are some more amazing art pieces created with
Standard Quality Tall Body Gourds!

Gourd art by Gloria Crane
Gourd art by Carrie Lynn Dearing
Gourd art by Christy Barajas

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Tall Body gourds
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*Due to extremely limited quantities, Large Tall Body Standard Quality Gourds are not discounted the usual 20% for members of the Gourd Insider Club. All other Standard Quality Gourd Boxes are discounted 20% for Gourd Insider Members.

Display Your Gourd Art with Metal Gourd Stands!
Available in 3 Great Sizes!

NEW Metal Gourd Stands
Metal Gourd Stands

Have a gourd that won’t stand straight? Then Metal Gourd Stands are just what you need!


These new and improved metal gourd stands are made with the same high quality materials and now come with a high gloss powder coat finish! They also have rubber caps on the ends so you don’t have to worry about them scratching the surface of you gourd!

Make any gourd stand up straight with these double-sided gourd stands. Each stand is 2 in 1--just flip it over to hold a larger or smaller gourd!

Pictured above, Canteen gourd art by Christy Barajas. Normally a Canteen Gourd wouldn't be able to stand on its side, but with the help of a Metal Gourd Stand you can display your beautiful artwork!

The stands come in three great sizes (see size chart below).

Metal Gourd Stands

Left: 3” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 3”-6” size gourds, $8.95 each
Middle: 5” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 6”-9” size gourds, $10.95 each
Right: 7” Metal Gourd Stands Holds 9”- 12” size gourds, $14.95 each

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Introducing "Instant Access" Gourd Classes!
Available to View Instantly Online!

"Instant Access" classes are available for viewing 24/7 from the comfort of your own home! You can pay to view the class online for a limited time, or purchase and download it to your computer or tablet and it is yours to keep! Either way, you are able to watch it instantly!

Instant Access Gourd Classes
Creating Colorful Butterflies with Gloria Crane
Coming Soon!
"Creating Colorful Butterflies"
with Gloria Crane
(Excerpt from the DVD)
Just $5.99!
"Creating a Gourd Tree Lamp"
with Pamala Redhawk
Sign up for the Interest List!
"Call of the Wild"
with Christy Barajas

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Creating Beautiful Butterflies

Get 30% Off this
"Instant Access" Gourd Class!
Only for the First 100 People!

"Creating Colorful Butterflies on Gourds" Excerpt from the DVD! (about 40 minutes of instruction) Just $5.99 for a 4-day viewing or $14.99 Just $9.99 to own and download! That's 30% Off!

Gourd art by Gloria Crane
Shown above, two of Gloria Crane's beautiful gourd art pieces, featuring her "colorful butterflies" technique and her filigree carving (note: "colorful butterflies" is taught in the "Instant Access" excerpt, but for the filigree technique you will need to purchase the DVD.)

"Creating Colorful Butterflies on Gourds" is an excerpt with 40 minutes of instruction from Gloria Crane's Class on DVD, "Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar with Fitted Lid" (pictured right).

In this exciting "Instant Access" Gourd Class you'll discover:
Welburn Gourd Farm The #1 mistake people make when using Ink Dyes on their butterfly and how to avoid it.
Welburn Gourd Farm Why you want to have several shades of each Ink Dye color on hand when coloring your butterfly
Welburn Gourd Farm The secret to creating butterflies with bold, realistic looking colors (Hint: it's not just about the Ink Dye colors but HOW you put them on!)
Welburn Gourd Farm Why you want to seal your gourd with varnish BEFORE you complete your butterflies
Welburn Gourd Farm and much more!

Note: This is an 40 minute excerpt from the original DVD, "Butterfly Gourd Ginger Jar."
If you would like to purchase the entire DVD just click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Click the Button Below to Discover Gloria Crane's
Incredible Techniques for Painting Stunning Butterflies!

Discover Gloria Crane's incredible techniques for painting stunning butterflies! Rather than purchase the entire DVD (Priced at $54.95), now you can purchase JUST the 40 minute excerpt that teaches you everything you need to know to create gorgeous butterflies!

"Finished watching it last night. I was very impressed with the clear instructions and all
the information Gloria passed on. First video I've ordered, but it won't be the last!"
- JaVae Ferrier

Pictured below, Stick 'n Burn Pack "Butterfly Pattern for Ginger Jar,"
NOW expanded and updated!

This pack now comes with 6 pages and extra butterflies for just $9.95!

Just Look at the Stunning Butterflies
Gloria's Students Have Created
After Watching Her Video!

Gourd Art y Christy Barajas
Gourd Art by Christy Barajas

Gourd Art by Diane Bruder
Gourd art by Diane Bruder

Gourd art by Irene Gonzalez
Gourd Art by Irene Gonzalez

Gourd Art by Lorraine
Gourd Art by Lorraine Benolken Hassel

Gourd art by Lorraine
Gourd Art by Lorraine Benolken Hassel

Gourd Art by Irene Gonzalez
Gourd Art by Irene Gonzalez

Want to see the entire project? Get the DVD!

"Hats off to you, Welburn Gourd Farm and Gloria Crane! I just finished watching the Ginger Jar DVD. I'm so impressed with the production of it. And Gloria's teaching....the best! (Gloria is by far my favorite teacher.)

One of the best DVD's so far. All of Gloria's DVDs are great, but I think this one takes the cake! I can't wait to start creating from this DVD. Thank you so much for giving us such a
wonderful opportunity to learn and create."

- Irene Gonzalez



Gourd art by Gloria Crane

Pictured above, Gloria Crane with her Butterfly Ginger Jar gourd art.

Pictured above, butterfly vase made from a small "People" gourd, by Gloria Crane

The GourdMaster™ Fili-Point Burr!
Reg. $13.49, Just $11.95!

No Coupon Required, the Price has Already Been Reduced!

Testimonial by Gloria Crane

NEW Fili-Point Burr

Watch the Video Below to See Special
Tips and Tricks On How to Use and Clean Your Fili-Point Burr!

Watch now!
Click on the video above to see the Fili-Point Burr in Action!

"The [Fili-Point] burr is awesome! The cutting action is powerful and so smooth, like cutting through butter, so it leaves a clean edge - this means less sanding for me (always a good thing!).  From tiny filigree holes to larger cut-outs, this burr easily does it all!"

"I love that I can just plunge it right into the gourd and it doesn't grab. Because of it's size it fits into tiny corners, so I can cut really intricate shapes."  - Mary Gehley (the lovely art piece with red flower, shown in the video below was made by Mary Gehley!)

Watch the Video Below to See the Amazing Fili-Point Burr in Action!

Watch now!
Click on the video above to see the Fili-Point Burr in Action!

We named this burr the"Fili-Point" burr because it is designed specifically for creating micro-filigree and large filigree. It is also strong enough to cut through Welburn's famous thick shelled gourds, so you can make intricate cuts, and your own gourd cut-outs!

The Fili-Point burr has a grit coarse enough to cut through thick shells with ease, yet fine enough to leave a nice, smooth finish on the cut line!

The Fili-Point burr is the most popular burr sold by Welburn Gourd Farm. Click on the button below to get your Fili-Point Burr today!

Buy Your Fili-Point Burr Before We Sell Out AGAIN!
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Gourd Art Classes

Welburn Gourd Farm Classes on DVD

See our complete collection of gourd classes on DVD! Each class on DVD
contains complete step-by-step instruction so you can easily follow along at your own pace!
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Free Training
The Beginner's Guide to Gourd Crafting Free e-Book Download

FREE e-Book! An $11.95 Value!
The Beginner's Guide to Gourd Crafting:
How to Select, Cut, Clean, Stain, Wood burn, Paint, Weave, and Decorate Gourds

This book is the best place to start if you're new to the "gourd world." It's filled with practical information that will make the process of getting started with gourds effortless.

Simply click the link below to download and read this e-book now!

Click Here to Download Your Copy Now!

Published by: Welburn Gourd Farm, Inc.

*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this e-book on your computer. If you are unable to view the e-book, click here to install Acrobat Reader.)

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