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Welburn Gourd Farm is the largest supplier of quality, organic hard-shell gourds in the USA, producing over 375,000 gourds each year. We specialize in canteen and bottle (Hawaiian Ipu) varieties.

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gourd art by Pamala Redhawk
Gourd art by Pamala Redhawk

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Doug Welburn Examines Gourds from the Latest Gourd Harvest
Pictured above, Doug Welburn inspects
a gourd order awaiting shipment.
(See the Doug Welburn Memorial Page.)

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Introducing Adjustable Heat Woodburners by Nibsburner! These units have an adjustable dial, which means you can change the temperature to whatever setting you desire. This is important when burning on gourds because each gourd shell varies by density and other factors.

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Above: The 3 different models of woodburners by Nibsburner each come with 1 or 2 Nibs pens PLUS they are all compatible with Razertip pens AND Detail Master pens!*

*(Note: an adapter must be used with Detail Master pens and is included with both the Classic and Deluxe Dual Port units; Detail Master pens are not recommended to be used with the "First Step" unit because they require a higher heat output than this smaller unit can typically produce).

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Want to know which woodburner is right for you? Watch the video above and find out! Plus you'll discover the difference between the Standard woodburning pen and the NEW 'cool-touch' pens with Ultra comfort grip!

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How to
Create Fun Christmas Gourds!

Watch "Creating Fun Holiday Gourds", above to see a
NEW technique on how to create these wonderful gourds!

In the video above you will see how to create the "icing hair" on the gingerbread man and how to create a frosting look over your gourd while still keeping the natural beauty of the gourd!

Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Canteen Gourd Oil Lamps are Back in Stock! Reg. $44.95, Just $39.95!
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Pre-Cut- Craft-Ready Canteen Gourd Oil Lamps
Box of 3 Pre-Cut, Craft-Ready Gourd Oil Lamps

3 Small Canteen gourds (5"-6" diameter), cleaned on the outside with pre-drilled holes
and bottoms sanded flat, plus 3 glass oil lamp inserts
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Ideas on What to Create With Your Canteen Gourd Oil Lamps!

In the video above, you will see some amazing tips and ideas to create your own
fabulous Canteen Gourd Oil Lamps! These gourds are perfect to make gifts or Holiday decorations!

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Please note: these are not considered Premium Quality, as some of the gourds may have shell blemishes or small cracks. Click on any of the links above to go to the product page for more information.

Transparent Pigment Powders Are Back in Stock!
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Transparent Pigment Powder SetDifferent than the original line of GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders, which are opaque, the transparent powders allow you to create an incredible sparkle “see through” effect for amazing new looks with your gourd art!

Transparent Pigment Powders mix great with the full line of GourdMaster Products, including; Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, Gourd Varnish, Formula 49, and more!

The set comes with 7 incredible colors: Shimmer Red, Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Green, Shimmer Copper, Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Silver, and Shimmer Violet!

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Create Beautiful Filigree and Fancy Cuts Using the GourdMaster™ Fili-Point Burr!
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NEW Fili-Point Burr"The [Fili-Point] burr is awesome! The cutting action is powerful and so smooth, like cutting through butter, so it leaves a clean edge - this means less sanding for me (always a good thing!).  From tiny filigree holes to larger cut-outs, this burr easily does it all!"

"I love that I can just plunge it right into the gourd and it doesn't grab. Because of it's size it fits into tiny corners, so I can cut really intricate shapes."  

- Mary Gehley
(the lovely art piece with red flower, shown in the video below was made by Mary Gehley!)

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Tips and Tricks On How to Use and Clean Your Fili-Point Burr!

Watch now!
Watch now!

Click on the videos above to see the Fili-Point Burr in Action!


We named this burr the"Fili-Point" burr because it is designed specifically for creating micro-filigree and large filigree. It is also strong enough to cut through Welburn's famous thick shelled gourds, so you can make intricate cuts, and your own gourd cut-outs!

The Fili-Point burr has a grit coarse enough to cut through thick shells with ease, yet fine enough to leave a nice, smooth finish on the cut line!

The Fili-Point burr is the most popular burr sold by Welburn Gourd Farm. Click on the button below to get your Fili-Point Burr today!

Pictured left, gourd art by Christy Barajas featuring smooth filigree done using the Fili-Point Burr.

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