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Doug Welburn Examines Gourds from the Latest Gourd Harvest
Pictured above, Doug Welburn inspects
a gourd order awaiting shipment.

New to the World of Gourds?
Discover How To Make Beautiful Gourd Art!

gourd art by Pamala Redhawk
Gourd art by Pamala Redhawk

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The Welburn Gourd Farm is the largest supplier of quality, organic hard-shell gourds in the USA, producing over 375,000 gourds each year.   We specialize in canteen and bottle (Hawaiian Ipu) varieties
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Cleaner Ball and/or Cleaner Ball Sets!

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"I love the gourd cleaning ball. I have used many, many tools from hand sanding, paint strippers, sanders, gourd wands and genies, I have found this tool to be my favorite and use it nearly all the time now." Dianne Connelly, artist and instructor

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cleaner ball video

"Your company is terrific! ...I used my new Easy Cleaner Balls..  I am in Heaven!  They are GREAT!!!!!!!!   No more sore fingers, hands, wrists etc... In 5 short minutes I cleaned a gourd that would normally take hours.  And the finish that the fine grit leaves is wonderful. These make the worst part of gourd art (cleaning the inside) a snap. I am calling all of my 'gourd friends' to let them know about this great tool.  Thank You!" - Ivy Allen, South Jordan, Utah 

Tired of scraping out the insides of your gourds by hand? Unhappy with the uneven surface made when using an electric drill with paint-stripper attachment? Then you'll LOVE the Easy Cleaner Ball by GourdMaster!

In just a few minutes you can go from this.... To this!

cleaner ballcleaner ball

The Easy Cleaner Ball has a durable, gravel-like surface that removes even the most stubborn
dried gourd pulp in seconds flat!

cleaner ball2Never before has cleaning the inside of your gourds been so fast and easy. Simply attach the ball to your electric hand drill and the spinning action of the drill does all the work!

Because the Cleaner is round, it forms to the curve of the gourd rather than creating uneven surfaces like a paint-stripper attachment.

20% Off Any Cleaner Ball or Cleaner Ball Set
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cleaner ball

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Gourd teapot entry by Ona Lanza.

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New Items

FREE Limited Edition "Cute Spring Animals"
Stick n' Burn with Any Purchase of $50 or more when
you use
Coupon Code SNB14! A $12.95 Value!


Gourd Art by Madonna Watermon using a Pre-Cut Craft Ready Gourd Pot and Stick n' Burn!


Stick 'n Burn is so much fun to use because it is so easy to get great results! Why waste hours tracing lines and struggling with messy carbon paper to get your design onto your gourd for wood burning when you can do it in one easy step?

With "Stick 'n Burn" Design Transfer Sheets" your design is printed directly on the clear transfer sheet and because it has an adhesive backing, all you have to do is cut it out, stick it to your gourd and start wood burning through it! Once you’re done, just peel off and throw away the Stick ‘n Burn and you have your design beautifully wood burned onto your gourd!

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Gloria Crane
Gourd Art by Gloria Crane

Canteen Flower
Gourd Art by Christy Barajas

Wildflowers Stick n Burn

Wildflowers Stick 'n Burn Designs.

Gourd Art by Dianne Connelly

Leaf Pt
Gourd Art by Laura Welburn

Leaves Leaves Leaves
Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Stick 'n Burn


New Stick n' Burn!

Now You Can Get The Tooled Leather Patterns Pre-Printed For You
On Stick n' Burn Design Transfer Sheets!

Carved Gourd Pot with Hand Tooled Leather Look and Textured Patina Finish with Gloria CraneInstead of printing out the patterns yourself, which come with Gloria Crane's New DVD, you can buy the patterns already pre-printed on Stick n' Burn design transfer sheets!

Just cut out the patterns you want, peel of the back, place right where you want it on the gourd, and burn through the paper.The design will be perfectly placed and its so easy! For more tips on woodburning and shading, get Gloria's video, "Carved Gourd Pot with Hand Tooled Leather Look and Textured Patina Finish". (see below)



More Special Offers

The WoodBurning Buddy Is Back!

"…I absolutely love [the Woodburning Buddy].…This is the third time I've used it since the purchase and I've been very happy with how well it works. I would recommend it to anyone who has to work in an enclosed area." -Carla Jenkins, Sun City, CA.  

woodburning buddy
We only have a limited supply of the WoodBurning Buddy available and they will sell out very quickly. If you have been waiting for one of these great tools now is the time to get one!

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No More Hand Cramping!
Easy Grip Applicator Holders
Make Ink Dye Application a Breeze!

"I received the…applicator holders in a recent purchase… I absolutely love them. It makes it so much easier to hold…no cramping of hands. So easy to hold and love the way they feel. Thanks for making it easier. I definitely recommend them to anyone." -Beth Knight, Chesapeake, VA

Fine Tip Applicator Easy Grip Holder for Fine Tip Applicator

Above at left, holding the brush without a holder can cause hands to tire and cramp. At right, the Easy Grip Holder makes it easy and comfortable to do your detailed design work!

Applicator Holders

The Easy Grip Applicator Holder makes holding small Microbrushes and Fine Tip Applicators easy! No more cramped hands! Great for people with arthritis!

Simply insert the designated applicator into the holder and start painting. It's that easy!

“I used the [Easy-Grip Applicator] holders today to apply stain to an intricate project and I love them. I am 52 years old and I do not have arthritis however holding the tiny micro applicators and even small paint brushes causes cramps in my hands after a couple of hours. …I will use [the Easy Grip Holders] frequently!" -Cindy Knight

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Gourd Oil Lamp with Pink Flowers,
by Christy Barajas

Fun and Easy Gourd Projects!

Create this beautiful gourd using a Craft-Ready Gourd Oil Lamp and the "Flower Designs" pack of pre-printed Stick 'n Burn!

If you're new to gourds, be sure to get see the "All About Gourds" video tutorial series, which includes great tips on how to do the metal leafing and the carving technique shown in this art piece!

Great Gift Ideas

Give the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion. 

Welburn Gourd Farm Gift Card

The perfect gift for the person who loves gourds! Gift certificates are available in the following amounts: $25, $50, $75, and $100. Now your favorite gourd lover can get exactly what they want to help celebrate!

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Gourd Art Classes
Gourd Classes On DVD

Welburn Gourd Farm Classes on DVD

See our complete collection of gourd classes on DVD! Each class on DVD
contains complete step-by-step instruction so you can easily follow along at your own pace!
See our Entire Collection of Gourd Classes on DVD

Beginner Workshops
Half Day Classes
Full Day Classes
If you are new to the gourd world you'll love the Beginner Workshops!
Join expert gourd artist, Dianne Connelly, as she shows you step-by-step how to create a beautiful art piece!
Come and enjoy a full day at the Farm creating fabulous gourd art under the guidance of some of the top names in the gourd art community!

Upcoming Beginner Workshop Schedule
Upcoming Half-Day Classes
Upcoming Full Day Classes
Free Training
The Beginner's Guide to Gourd Crafting Free e-Book Download

FREE e-Book! An $11.95 Value!
The Beginner's Guide to Gourd Crafting:
How to Select, Cut, Clean, Stain, Wood burn, Paint, Weave, and Decorate Gourds

This book is the best place to start if you're new to the "gourd world." It's filled with practical information that will make the process of getting started with gourds effortless.

Simply click the link below to download and read this e-book now!

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Published by: Welburn Gourd Farm, Inc.

*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this e-book on your computer. If you are unable to view the e-book, click here to install Acrobat Reader.)

Watch Our Free Gourd Video Tutorials

Watch Free Video Tutorials

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