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Jewelry Gourds


Tiny, 1" - 1.9" diameter gourds,
        cleaned and craft-ready!


These miniature marvels are perfect for ornaments, figurines, gift items, and of course, jewelry!


Jewelry gourds are ideal for ornaments and make wonderful, original gifts for the holidays! Even kids can get in on the fun!


This mini gourd ornament was made using rub-on transfers! Add the raffia string for hanging and a clear, spray finish and you're done! So easy!


The Jewelry Gourd box includes an assortment of great shapes, so you can let your imagination take hold and create all kinds of different items!


As with all our Pre-Boxed gourds, the Jewelry Gourds come cleaned and craft-ready!


By ordering Jewelry Gourds pre-boxed in a variety of shapes, you save over 40% off the regular Custom Order price! Order a jumbo box of 200 and save over 50% off the Custom Order price!


Now you can order all-bottle shapes in the Jewelry box!


Up until now if you wanted Jewelry gourds in just the bottle shape you had to pay Custom Order prices. Now you can get them at 20% less with this new Pre-boxed option!

Jewelry Gourds in a Variety of shapes
                  1 – 1.9 inches in diameter
Jewelry Gourds in Bottle shapes
                  1 – 1.9 inches in diameter
Extra Small Jewelry Gourds
                  .75 - 1.25 inches in diameter


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