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Metal Leaf

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"Metal Leaf"

Add elegance to any design using metal leafing! Use our GourdMaster™ heat-activated glue or Metal Leaf Adhesive for fast and easy application over any size area and permanent application so your metal leaf will not flake or peel off. 

Please Note: Variegated Green and Variegated Red packs of Metal Leaf are sold out and discontinued by the manufacturer. 

Watch this short video tutorial to learn more!

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Written Intructions for the Heat Activated Glue:

Simply use a paintbrush to apply the glue to specific areas where you want your powders or accents, then heat the glue with your Heat Tool  (a blow dryer diffuses the heat too much and will not get hot enough!) until it is tacky and apply your Pigment Powders or Metal Leafing. A 'must' if you are applying these products to a geometric design!   See step-by-step instructions below.


Step 1: Apply small amount of GourdMaster™ heat-activated Designer Glue using a paint brush.
Step 2: Heat activate the glue using a heat tool for approx. 30 seconds or until glue has lost its shine and turned matte. (You cannot over heat the glue, so more time is better than less)
Step 3: Firmly press your metal leaf against the glue. (You can touch it with your fingers without fear of tarnishing as long as you are not using real metal leafing, such as 24k gold).
Step 4: Use a sponge brush to remove excess.
Step 5: If you went outside your lines, use a nail file or sanding stick to remove excess. You can also use your woodburning tool on low to clean your lines, or a hobby knife. For best results we strongly recommend woodburning your design before applying metal leaf.


To use with glitter, pigment powders and chalks, once you have heat activated and glue is no longer wet or shinny (same as above), apply these mediums, tap off excess, heat set and gently wipe excess away with a soft tissue. Embossing powders are heat set as usual.


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