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Starter Kit

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Starter Kits are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world of gourd crafting! Everything you need comes in one box so you can get started right away. All kits come with clean, cradt ready gourds and cost less than buying all items individually.

  Starter Kit includes:
Starter Kit
*Please Note: The Corn Bowl DVD has been updated to the "Carved Gourd Pot with Hand-Tooled Leather and Texture Patina"(pictured left)

  • Craft Ready Gourds: Birdhouse, Mini Vase, Medium Gourd Bowl

  • "Beginner's Guide to Gourd Crafting' book

  • 4 Bottles of GourdMaster Ink Dye (Rich Mahogany, Apple Red, Honey, Classic Green)

  • Felt Sheet (for applying dyes)

  • Fine Tip Applicators

  • DVD's: "Working with GourdMaster Ink Dyes", "Easy Beginner Gourd Projects", "Making a Fall Leaf Bowl Kit", "Carved Gourd Pot with Hand Tooled Leather"

  • Gourd Practice Pieces

  • Standard Heat Tool

  • Protecting Wax

Deluxe Starter Kit
The Deluxe Starter Kit gives you everything you see in our regular Starter Kit pictured above plus:

  • Standard Woodburning Tool

  • Package of Pre-Printed Stick N Burn


Ultimate Starter Kit
The Ultimate Starter Kit gives you everything you see in our regular Starter Kit plus:

  • Bolt Woodburner with Standard Woodburning Pen

  • DVD "Woodburning on Gourds"

  • Package of Pre-Printed Stick n Burn

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