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Stick n Burn - Napkin Ring Designs

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Improved "Napkin Ring Designs" Stick 'n Burn Pack!
    Now Comes with 6 Pages Total!


  The "Napkin Ring Designs" Stick 'n Burn Pack comes with 3 different pages of designs duplicated, for a total of 6 pages!


 Easily  create Napkin Rings with the "Napkin Ring Designs" Stick n Burn pack!  The images are sized to match the Gourd Rings so they fit perfectly! Plus, you'll receive enough designs to make 12 matching rings for each design! Pack  includes 4 great patterns -- (1) Simple Flowers, (2) Leafy Vine,  (3) Holly, and (4) Oak Leaves and Acorns. These patterns are perfect for holiday table settings, or all year round!    


 Pictured below, Gourd Napkin Rings featuring designs from the "Napkin Ring Desgins" Stick 'n Burn Pack!

Napkin Ring with Vines
Gourd art by Christy Barajas








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