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Transparent Pigment Powder Set

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Different than the original line of GourdMaster™ Pigment Powders, which are opaque, the new transparent powders allow you to create an incredible sparkle “see through” effect for amazing new looks with your gourd art!

Due to popular demand, we brought back Transparent Pigment Powders AND we've improved them! The colors are now more vibrant, and they mix even better with the full line of GourdMaster Products, including; Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, Gourd Varnish, Formula 49, and more!

Gourd Art by Gloria Crane

Pictured above, gourd art by Gloria Crane featuring Transparent Pigment Powders for the dragonfly wings. Notice in the close-up on the right how the cattails show through the wings due to the transparent effect of the powders.

Gloria Crane

Dragon Fly by Gloria Crane

Shown above, Gloria Crane shows the left side of the dragonfly wings painted using Transparent Pigment Powder mixed with Gourdmaster™ Gourd Varnish. You can see as the image turns away from the light (shown left) it looks transparent, and when it turns towards the light (shown right) it catches the color, similar to a real wing.

In addition to applying Transparent Pigment Powders wet by mixing them with Gourd Varnish, Formula 49, or Gel Glaze, they can also be applied dry using Heat Activated Glue.

Gourd art by Gloria Crane

Shown above, dragonfly art piece with carved cattails and metal leaf, by Gloria Crane.
The dragonfly wings were created using the new Transparent Pigment Powders.

Heat Activated glue comes in Clear and Black. Use Black to create an opaque look with your Transparent Pigment Powders. which will make the colors look bolder, as seen above in the multi-colored dragonfly wings by Gloria Crane.

Simply apply the powders dry over the clear version of GourdMaster™ Heat Activated Glueand get an instant transparent sheen, perfect for things like dragonfly or fairy wings! Use the powders over black Heat Activated Glueand get a whole different look! (powders will have less of a transparent quality over the black glue but the color will be more intense -- beautiful!)

Pictured left and above right, gourd art by Gloria Crane featuring Transparent Pigment Powdersfor the dragonfly wings. Notice how the cattails show through the wings due to the transparent effect of the powders.
You can also use the Transparent Pigment Powders by mixing them into GourdMaster Formula 49, Gourd Varnish, or Gel Glaze. You'll achieve different effects with your mixtures simply by using different applicators, such as a piece felt, a sponge applicator, or even a paintbrush.
Set Includes 7 Different Shimmer Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Violet, Blue, Green and Red.

GourdMaster Transparent Pigment Powders

GourdMaster™ Transparent Pigment Powder Set:
(7 colors include Shimmer Red, Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Green,
Shimmer Copper, Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Silver, and Shimmer Violet)

FREE Video! "Poinsettia Gourd
with 'Stained Glass' Look," with Mary Gehley

This is one of our older videos with Mary Gehley, and it was so popular we wanted to share it again with you! Watch as Mary creates a stunning "Stained Glass" effect using Transparent Pigment Powders!

Poinsettia Gourd with Stained Glass Look
Watch Now

We sent Mary a set of the new Transparent Pigment Powders and here is what she had to say:

"The [New and Improved Transparent Pigment Powders] are easy to use, totally compatible with the other Gourdmaster products. . . I combined blue shimmer mixed with Pacific Blue transparent acrylic, then shaded with blue shimmer mixed with Midnight Blue transparent acrylic. This creates an intense metallic blue - gorgeous! I also tried mixing complementary colors - red shimmer with green ink dye, for example.

It looks so cool and mysterious, because when you look at it one way, it's green, but from another angle you can see the red (pink) shimmer. These [new powders] will provide me with hours of fun trying new combinations! - Mary Gehley



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